Bat Holding And Hitting Technique In Softball

The player needs to hold the bat stick tightly using both of his hands together, even if he wants to be a little more stretchy, it doesn’t matter. The position of the right hand must be above the left hand when holding the stick. While for the type of technique holding the stick, there are only three, namely the upper, lower and middle grips in the same way basically. Apart from that, we recommend you to also check out the best bbcor bats if you’re looking for the high-quality bats for playing softball.

After knowing how to hold the stick, it’s important to know all the basic techniques in terms of hitting the ball.

Bunt / Punch Blow

Mashing here is a way of beating balls that players can do without the need to swing a bat. For how to do it, just hold the direction of coming to the ball just so that the ball can finally fall close to the player who is the bat. In the technique of hitting this one, both players’ feet must be in the right manner where the foot position is sure to align with the direction of the ball.

Swing Punch

In swing punch techniques, players need to have the right initial attitude, such as standing, but both feet opened slightly wider. After that, turn your left leg in a straight direction with the pitcher, while the weight of the pedestal is on both feet while the body is leaning forward a little.

The player needs to hold the bat using both hands tightly as explained before, then get ready to hit. In a position to hit, the handle of the bat can be just above the shoulder. Make sure the right arm is lower than the left arm and the view is also required to focus on the direction of the ball coming from the pitcher.

After the pitcher throws the ball, the hitter player can immediately hit the ball correctly while swinging the bat in the direction that the pitcher is throwing the ball. Bend your right leg slightly while straightening your hands. As a final gesture, after successfully hitting the ball, continue with a continued movement where the player can move the swinging stick.

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